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Quality Control

Our advantage reveals in comprehensive understanding of customers' requirements and delivering of quality proven diamond tools. We are fitted with advanced quality control facilities, wherein quality is assessed from purchase of raw materials to completion of finished goods.

1. Procurement of raw materials
Raw materials form the basis of our quality diamond tools. Our versatile technologists apply integrated measurements to all the industrial raw materials available in China. As a result, we finally find dependable supplies conformable to our standards in quality and price. Furthermore, we still test each batch of purchased material, further ensuring excellence in quality.

2. Production process
Under stringent surveillance of quality inspectors in the whole production process, our diamond tools are checked on various parameters such as sharpness, welding efficiency and durability, etc. Each and every diamond tool such as diamond blade for stone, diamond core drill and diamond grinding wheel are minutely scrutinized and recorded respectively, whereby providing outstanding traceability and product integrity.

3. Infrastructural setup
We deeply understand the power of advanced technology, so our efforts have always been firmly emphasized on technological improvements. Our integrated manufacturing unit is now equipped with sophisticated machines in stead of manual operation. Fully automatic equipment not only keeps conformance of our products to highest quality standards, but also helps boost our productivity and reduce cost.