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Customer Cases

1. Brazilian customer

In 2012, customer from Brazil obtained our email address from company website, and inquired several products such as diamond saw blade and diamond core drill. They also sent us pictures of similar diamond tools available on their local markets for reference. Based on customer's requirements, we offered reasonable quotation. After achieving an agreement, we sent customer samples for testing. A week later, they showed satisfaction on our products, and made the first trial order.

Our hard work and sincerity were appreciated by the customer. They have been ordering our products, and the amount has been constantly increased ever since. They highly recognized our excellence in product aspect of package, stability and delivery. Specifically, our diamond core drill was amazingly distinguished by higher drilling efficiency and extraordinary sharpness, compared to tools they used before. As a result, this customer achieved more market shares.

2. Customer from England

We met this customer in China International Hardware Show 2011. Our technicians made detailed instructions of our diamond tools to the purchaser. Subsequently, the customer decided to pay a visit to our company.

In our plant, we showed the customer around in the order of production process. The client chose some products and asked for performance testing in cutting, drilling and grinding. What's more, the customer even performed the cutting test to the laser welded segment. Based on the pleasant visit and impressive testing results, the customer made the trial order.

One month later, we received the normal orders from this customer. We packaged and sent our products in compliance with client's requirements.