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    1. Sintered Diamond Core DrillsThis sintered diamond core drill is mainly used to process stone materials such as granite and marble, as well as ceramic tile and hard brick, etc. This product can be applied to bench drill and portable drill. Wet drilling provides more efficient drilling performance and superior results.
    1. Brazed/Laser Welded Diamond Core DrillsThis kind of diamond core drill is either brazed or laser welded, so this drilling tool is designed for wet and dry drilling of stone materials such as granite and marble, as well as ceramic tile and hard brick. The wet type is fitted with laser welded segment while dry type has brazed segment. Besides, this drill bit can be applied to bench drilling machines and portable electrical drills.
    1. Dry Diamond Core Drills

      Our dry diamond core drill is engineered for drilling of stone materials such as granite, as well as concrete and hard brick. This drill bit is applicable to hand-held applications and bench drilling machines. We also offer dry and wet types to meet needs. The dry type has laser welded segment while wet type features brazed segment.

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    1. Wet Diamond Core DrillsWe design this wet diamond core drill to handle heavy-duty applications such as concrete containing moderate or heavy steel and hard aggregate, as well as asphalt paving on cement road. This drill bit can be applied to fixed drilling machine, and is available in two kinds of welding technologies that are laser welding and brazed welding.
    1. Diamond Core Drill KitThis diamond core drill kit is specially designed for drilling of stone materials such as marble and constructional materials such as concrete, block, masonry, tile and hard brick. This set is applicable to hand-held and fixed drilling machines. The product is available for both wet and dry drilling. We adopt laser welded segment for dry applications while brazed segment for wet.
    1. Diamond Core Drill with ShankOur diamond core drill with shank is specially designed and manufactured on our own. In order to ensure the quality, we purchase qualified tube from prestigious steel tube manufacturers in China. We weld the shank in the rear in compliance with international standard of rigidity. Grounded on the integrated system of production and management, our product is endowed with high precision and balance capacity.
    1. Diamond Core Drill AccessoriesWe independently design our diamond core drill accessories on the basis of markets needs and industrial practice. We manufacture a wide variety of adaptors on our own to make our product more versatile.
    1. Electroplated Diamond Cutting Blade

      Our electroplated diamond cutting blade is ideal for cutting stone materials such as granite and marble, as well as ceramic tile and hard brick. The product features extreme sharpness and outstanding stability during operation. With no requirements to working environment, this tool provides easy operation.

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    1. Electroplated Diamond BladeThis electroplated diamond blade is widely applied to wet cut and polish stone materials such as granite and marble, as well as ceramic tile and glass, etc. Users are taking advantages of high safety and ultimate sharpness. The diamond concentration normally is ranged from 100 to 150#. However, special concentration is available upon request.
    1. Mini Electroplated Diamond BladeThe name of mini electroplated diamond blade implies it is small in size, thus this product is suitable for cutting tube and thin plate, as well as polishing surface and edge of material.
    1. Brazed Diamond BladeIn addition, we utilize our advanced brazing technology to produce multi-functional diamond blade which is ideal for emergency applications. This product comes in two types. The first type adopts normal diamond particles. The second type uses hard alloy incorporating with unique brazing technology. The hard alloy sticks perfectly to the core, thus cutting virtually everything!
    1. Electroplated Diamond Core DrillsOur electroplated diamond core drill has been proved as the optimal solution for drilling of stone materials such as granite and marble, as well as ceramic tile and glass, etc. With the commitment to perfect drilling, we adopt top grade diamond and advanced electroplating technology.
    1. Brazed Diamond Core Drills

      This brazed diamond core drill reveals more drilling efficiency and longer lifespan when used wet. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of models and kit combinations, so as to meet your special needs.

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    1. Brazed Carbide Grinding WheelThis customer-proven brazed carbide grinding wheel is mainly used for surface processing of stone materials, concrete, rubber and wood, etc. Based on specific application, we adopt different diamond concentration respectively. With the aid of advanced brazing technology, the hard diamond particles are firmly welded on the segment part of the core, resulting in excellent grinding efficiency.
    1. Diamond Mounted PointOur diamond mounted point has been widely applied to surface decoration and grinding of stone materials such as granite and marble, as well as ceramic tile, glass and gem.
    1. Resin Bonded Diamond Grinding WheelIn order to satisfy extensive applications and requirements, we adopt quality ensured diamond and powder resins. We provide two kinds of cores which are aluminum type and Bakelite type. As a result, our resin bonded diamond grinding wheel delivers extraordinary grinding efficiency and precision, and can be applied to surface grinder and normal lathe.