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Brazed Diamond Core Drills

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Our brazed diamond core drill appears as the ideal solution for drilling of stone materials such as granite and marble, as well as concrete, ceramic tile and glass, etc. We use quality ensured diamond and up-to-date brazing technology. As a result, the diamond powder is firmly welded on segment part of the core by special solder, thus providing optimal drilling.

This brazed diamond core drill reveals more drilling efficiency and longer lifespan when used wet. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of models and kit combinations, so as to meet your special needs.

H7006 brazed diamond core drill
Diameter (mm): 4 to 150
Grit: 30/40#, 60/80#, 100#
Shank: ø6mm, ø8mm, ø10mm, hexagon, 1/2" GAS, M14 or 5/8"-11

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