1. Diamond Polishing PadsSpecial resin adhesion offers flexibility and easy installation.
      Strong grinding force provides aggressive performance, fast speed and highly glossy surface without scratches or colors.
      High abrasion resistance enables long lifespan.
    1. Diamond Discs for Floor GrinderDedicated to users' satisfaction, we adopt high-ranking steel plate to manufacture the core. The segment is specially designed in accordance with objects' hardness and compositions, whereby ensuring its versatility to fit various needs. Furthermore, advanced welding technology offers extremely firm attachment between the segments and the core.

Diamond Grinding Tools

As a professional manufacturer, we adopt high-end diamond and qualified metal powder to manufacture diamond grinding tool. Our product is available in a wide range of models on the basis of different materials and requirements. Aggressive performance and long service life are delivered to meet all kinds of working conditions and applications to various machines.

Our diamond grinding tool is capable of coarse and fine grinding, and widely applied to surface processing of concrete, abrasive concrete, granite, marble and other constructional materials.

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